Proel PF PN powerlock chassispart

powerlock chassispart, female, blue nulfase litton-veam

€ 109.00


Muziekinstrumenten Power sockets Proel

Stewart Ellis SE 100 S Pro Series piccolo

piccolo, Pisoni polsters, verzilverd, incl. softcase


- piccolo flute
- ABS body
- silver plated keys
- E-mechanism
- Luciano Pisoni pads
- softcase

€ 212.00


Muziekinstrumenten Dwarsfluit en piccolo Stewart Ellis

Boston 100 X CV accordeon riemen

accordeon riemen, 120 + bassen, 109-114 x 10,0cm, rugriem, split leder, velours voering, zwart

€ 67.10


Muziekinstrumenten Accordeon riemen Boston

Pirastro P211241 Oliv vioolsnaar A 2

vioolsnaar A-2, medium (13 1/2), in envelop, gut/aluminium

€ 35.25


Muziekinstrumenten Viool snaren Pirastro

Salvador CS 234 klassieke gitaar

klassieke gitaar, spruce top, sapele b&s, Savarez snaren, satin finish, 3/4 junior model

De Salvador CS-234 is een geweldige klassieke gitaar op instapniveau met een hoogwaardige (satijnen) afwerking en uitstekende bespeelbaarheid. Hij heeft nikkelen frets, een verstelbare halspen en is vervaardigd uit duurzaam sparren (cites-vrij) met sapele achter- en zijkanten. Al deze kenmerken resulteren in een goed klinkende gitaar met een vriendelijke prijs.

Mensuur: 580 mm (junior model)


top wood: spruce
sides and bak: sapele
neck wood: sapele
fingerboard: Indian laurel
briddge: Indian laurel
binding body front: black ABS
binding body back: black ABS
binding fingerboard: black ABS
headstock veneerlaurel
finish body: satin open pore
finish neck: satin open pore
finish headstock: satin open pore
nut: ABS
saddle: ABS
tuners: gold with lyre, black buttons
strap button: no
strings: Savarez new Cristal classic, hard tension

scale length: 580 mm
nut width: 48 mm
12th fret neck width: 58 mm
upper bout: 258 mm
waist: 218 mm
lower bout: 330 mm
body length: 434 mm
body depth: 91 / 83 mm

€ 125.10


Muziekinstrumenten Klassieke gitaar Salvador

Boston JB 210 MC slagplaat

slagplaat, Jocker bass, 2 ply, mirror chroom, standaard

€ 32.59


Muziekinstrumenten JB vintage slagplaat Boston

Boston ST 232 MC slagplaat

slagplaat, Stallion, 2 ply, mirror chroom, HH, 2 pot holes, 3-5 switch

€ 32.59


Muziekinstrumenten ST vintage HH (2 potholes) slagplaat Boston

Corelli CO 800 ML Alliance Vivace snarenset viool 4 4

snarenset viool 4/4, medium light, bestaande uit CO-801-ML, CO-802-ML, CO-803-ML en CO-804-ML

met loop end E-1

€ 87.75


Muziekinstrumenten Viool snaren Corelli

Hayman XM 8 kloppers voor xylofoon

kloppers voor xylofoon, 365 mm esdoorn schacht, paar, 20 mm messing bol

€ 26.49


Muziekinstrumenten Xylofoon mallets Hayman

Corelli CO 834 L Alliance altvioolsnaar C 4

altvioolsnaar C-4, 33/37 cm., light, stabilon, tungsten-alloy

The Corelli Alliance strings are the result of know-how in the process of the composite fibres. We are the only manufacturer having been able to adapt the Alliance KF fibre for making musical strings for different instruments (guitar, lute, harp, violin, viola and now cello). To reach such a point we had to solve a certain number of technological problems inherent to the nature of the Alliance KF material and worked through the complex processes necessary to give it the characteristics desired in top quality strings.

Although Corelli Alliance strings are made of a composite core of synthetic material, they present all the sound qualities and characteristics which are found in the best gut strings with additional significant advantages over gut strings. For all these reasons Corelli Alliance strings represent the best alternative to gut strings, which nobody could expect.

€ 48.85


Muziekinstrumenten Altvioolsnaren Corelli

Fender 0990820074 Deluxe Series patch cables (bowl of 20 pcs)

patch cables (bowl of 20 pcs), 6", black tweed

Dit product is voor onbekende tijd uitverkocht.

€ 109.80


Muziekinstrumenten Patchkabels Fender

ELS PES 004 sleutelslijper cello 1 8 1 4 lengte 80mm diameter 10

sleutelslijper cello 1/8-1/4 lengte 80mm/diameter 10,75-11,5 taps 1/25

€ 187.45


Muziekinstrumenten Handruimers en sleutelslijpers ELS

Fender Outlet 0049455000 slagplaat standard Precision Bass®

slagplaat standard Precision Bass®, 13 schroefgaten, 4-ply, tortoise shell


Fender Outlet products come from the Service Centers of Fender Musical Instruments Group. These items can be discontinued retail products or service/replacement items without retail packaging.
Offers for as long as stocks last.

Due to the age of the products the packaging or the product itself could be in less than 100% new condition. However, to service anyone looking for that hard-to-find replacement part we have chosen to supply regardless of the condition of the item. Please contact us when any item is received below expectation.

Mounting materials might be not included.

€ 107.79


Muziekinstrumenten PB vintage slagplaat Fender Outlet

Fender 0990820072 Professional Tweed instrument cable

instrument cable, 25ft, white tweed

Road-reliable and flexible, Fender Professional Series cables boast a thick gauge with high-quality components that transparently retain your tone without getting in the way. Sporting quiet and resilient spiral shielding, these cables are engineered to avoid twisting, kinking and any "physical memory." On stage or in the studio, plug in and play with creative confidence and peace of mind.


Available in 10', 15', 18.6' and 25' lengths
Available in Red, Gray, and White Tweed
8mm outer diameter wire jacket
22 AWG
95% OFC spiral shielding
Nickel-plated connectors

€ 27.49


Muziekinstrumenten Instrumentkabels Fender

ELS CHI 12 beitel vlak

beitel vlak, chroom vanadium staal, breedte 12 mm

€ 37.35


Muziekinstrumenten Beitels ELS

Teller C 0918 kam cello

kam cello, 1/8, Duits model

€ 32.15


Muziekinstrumenten Cello bruggen Teller

Fender 0992049200 Genuine Replacement Part tremolo assembly American Vintage Strat

tremolo assembly American Vintage Strat, gold

Vintage-style tremolo bridge assembly for use on American Vintage series Stratocaster models. Includes six "Fender"-stamped bridge saddles with mounting screws, tremolo claw, tremolo springs, tremolo arm with tip, tremolo arm tension spring, string tree, .050 hex adjustment wrench and mounting screws.


Vintage-style 2-3/16" mounting spacing
Six "Fender"-stamped bridge saddles with mounting screws
Tremolo claw and springs
Tremolo arm with tip and tension springs included
String tree, mounting hardware and adjustment wrench included
For American Vintage series Stratocaster models

€ 205.10


Muziekinstrumenten Tremolo's Fender

Wittner 804K Maelzel metronoom

metronoom, pyramide-model, kunststof, walnoot grain, zonder bel

€ 64.20


Muziekinstrumenten Mechanische metronoom Wittner

Oasis OAS OH 14 bevochtiger voor in koffer

bevochtiger voor in koffer, magneet strip en injectiespuit, erg lage luchtvochtigheid (onder 25%)

The Oasis Case Plus+ Humidifier uses the same evaporative membrane as the Oasis Plus+ Humidifier, providing 50% more daily humidity than the Oasis Case Humidifier.

This humidifier is designed for use in drier environments where the relative humidity is below 25%. The Oasis Case Plus+ humidifier, like the Oasis Case Humidifier, uses a small but powerful magnet, which is embedded in the seam of the humidifier, to attach to either a small sticky-backed piece of stainless steel or a metal clip (both are provided with the humidifier).

The Oasis Case Plus+ Humidifier can be used in stringed instrument cases such as violin, viola cello, guitar, or mandolin.

Our case style humidifiers attach to the inside of your instrument case. They give you the same reliability and ease of use as our original humidifiers, outperforming other case and instrument humidifiers by doing the following:

- Making it easy to see when it’s time to refill.
- Providing long-lasting humidification.
- Ensuring no leakage due to overfilling.
- Promising two levels of leak protection.

How does it work? A neodymium magnet* in the humidifier enables you securely attach it inside your case, while still being able to easily remove and re-attach it to either a steel belt-style clip or a stainless steel strip with adhesive backing (both are provided with the humidifier). The belt-style clip fits over the side of your case, providing a flat vertical surface to which the magnet can adhere. The adhesive-backed stainless steel strip allows for either vertical or horizontal attachment anywhere there is a flat surface inside the case.** This type of humidifier provides the flexibility to position the humidifier in a wide variety of locations within your instrument case.

Because tap and bottled water contain dissolved minerals that can clog the liner, distilled water is recommended to extend the useful life of your humidifier.

Most instruments only need seasonal humidification. Typically, the humidity drops in the fall and rises in the spring. When the spring arrives, we recommend that you remove the humidifier, wash all of the crystals out, and leave the cap loosely on the humidifier. If you do not remove the crystals and loosen the cap, the humidifier will shrink up, dry up and the crystals will stick together. In the fall, it is easy to damage the lining of the humidifier when trying to restore it to shape. The lining is only 1/1000th of an inch thick and can be damaged easily if it sticks to itself and the crystals, when the humidifier shrinks up and dries up if the lid is left on tight.

€ 32.39


Muziekinstrumenten Bevochtigers Oasis

Boston CYB 70 deluxe bekkentas 22 14

deluxe bekkentas 22"+14", 20 mm gevoerd, verschillende zakjes en verdelingen, met riem

black and blue

€ 66.50


Muziekinstrumenten Bekkentas Boston

Fender 0992105000 Genuine Replacement Part pickup set Custom Shop parchment Stratocaster® Hot Noiseless™

pickup set Custom Shop parchment Stratocaster® Hot Noiseless™

Heat without the hum

As heard on
Fender® Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster® guitars
Fender Hot Noiseless Strat pickups exude tone that combines warmth and punch with cutting bluesy articulation, with a screaming high-gain bridge pickup. And thanks to Fender's state-of-the-art Noiseless design, the clean, full sound is free of hum.


Polysol-coated magnet wire
Ceramic magnets deliver scorching output
Flush-mount pole pieces for even string
Vinyl-coated output wire and plastic bobbin
Installation hardware included

€ 235.75


Muziekinstrumenten Elektrische gitaar pickups Fender

Hayman HM 50 MR Junior Series 5 delig drumstel

5-delig drumstel, drum kruk, hihat en bekkens inbegrepen, metallic rood

De Hayman HM-50 is een 5-delig drumstel, ideaal voor beginnende jonge drummers en een betaalbare kennismaking met drummen. De HM-50 is leverbaar in de kleuren zwart, blauw en rood, inclusief drumkruk, hihat en bekkens.

- 16' bass drum (11' deep)
- 12' floor tom (10' deep)
- 10' tom (6' deep)
- 8' tom (6' deep)
- 10' snare drum (5' deep)

€ 218.75


Muziekinstrumenten Kinderdrumstel Hayman

ELS FBDF 10 12 contrabastrijkstok

contrabastrijkstok, 1/2, frans model, glasvezel, zwart, rond ebben slof, enkel oog balein imitati

€ 135.00


Muziekinstrumenten 1 2 contrabas strijkstokken ELS