Thomastik THSP 42 Spirit! cellosnaar D 2 4 4

cellosnaar D-2 4/4, medium, rope core, chrome

€ 36.05


Muziekinstrumenten Cello snaren Thomastik

Wilkinson B WTB G brug staartstuk Teaser

brug-staartstuk Teaser, pitch 10,8mm, staggered brass saddles, goud

€ 44.85


Muziekinstrumenten Elektrische gitaarbruggen Wilkinson

D'Addario H413 LH Helicore altvioolsnaar G 3 16

altvioolsnaar G-3 16"+, heavy, silver

Multi-Strand twisted steel core strings are superb for the advanced and professional players. The small string diameter provides quick bow response. Through special manufacturing techniques, the Helicore strings have a warm, clear sound with excellent pitch stability and longevity.

€ 28.15


Muziekinstrumenten Altvioolsnaren D'Addario

Wittner 816 Maelzel metronoom

metronoom, pyramide-model, houten behuizing, zwart, hoogglans afwerking, met bel

€ 223.85


Muziekinstrumenten Mechanische metronoom Wittner

Fender Outlet 0992146000 slagplaat Standard Strat

slagplaat Standard Strat, HHS, 11 schroefgaten, 4 ply, black pearl

€ 77.15


Muziekinstrumenten ST vintage HSS slagplaat Fender Outlet

La Bella L S100L Double Ball End System snarenset basgitaar

snarenset basgitaar, voor Steinberger , double ball end, extra light, 040-060-075-095

Developed by La Bella’s president Richard Mari Cocco, Jr. with Ned Steinberger, these strings have been manufactured to exact specifications for Steinberger’s revolutionary headless instruments.

- Specifically designed for Double Ball systems used by Steinberger, Arbor, Burnside, Cort, Hohner, Louts, Mach I and Status
- Stainless Steel Round Wound
- Tension: Light
- String Gauges: .040, .060, .075, .095
- Made in the USA with American Wire
- Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

€ 63.75


Muziekinstrumenten Basgitaar Snarenset Double Ball La Bella

Boston B 162 B brug voor e gitaar

brug voor e-gitaar, "tune'o matic", zwart, stud spacing 73,0mm, stud diam 6,5mm

Boston Musical Products staat mede bekend om zijn grote assortiment gitaaronderdelen voor zowel elektrische als akoestische gitaar, maar ook voor basgitaar en andere snaarinstrumenten. Met meer dan 3000 ‘guitar parts’ is Boston uitermate geschikt om je instrument te upgraden of repareren, maar ook je eigen instrument bouwen behoort tot de mogelijkheden.

€ 46.10


Muziekinstrumenten Elektrische gitaarbruggen Boston

RD 12 CEBK Richwood Artist Series akoestische gitaar

akoestische gitaar, dreadnought, active EQ, die cast mechanieken, in full color doos, zwart

De RD-12 van Richwood is van de hoogste kwaliteit vindbaar binnen zijn prijsklasse. Het is een mooi afgewerkte startersgitaar die lekker licht speelt, wat pijnlijke vingers tot een minimum beperkt. Met de oliebad stemmechanieken is de RD-12 goed op stemming te houden. Hij is voorzien van een spruce (sparren) bovenblad. Zij- en achterblad zijn van lindenhout en hij heeft een pau ferro brug en toets.

Het silver/nickel fretwerk op het hardhouten fretboard is slijtvast en gemaakt voor langdurig speelplezier. De Richwood RD-12 is zeer geschikt voor mensen die beginnen met gitaarspelen, mensen die niet teveel geld willen uitgeven en biedt ook de gevorderde spelers en verbluffend warme en bruikbare klank.

De RD-12 is verkrijgbaar in verschillende uitvoeringen: naturel, sunburst, blauw sunburst, rood sunburst, zwart. In al deze kleuren is de RD-12 leverbaar met active EQ (met ingebouwde tuner)

Ook linkshandig is hij leverbaar in de kleuren zwart en sunburst (met active EQ).

body shape: dreadnought cutaway
bracing design: X scalloped
scale length: 650 mm
nut width: 43 mm
12th fret width: 54,8 mm
body length: 500 mm
lower bout width: 405 mm
body thickness: 96/120 mm
top material: spruce
back & side materia: laminated basswood
neck material: Indonesian mahogany
fingerboard material: acacia
fingerboard binding material: ABS ivory
bridge material: acacia
color: black
body finishing: glossy
neck finish: glossy
rosette: 3 rings black & ivory
top purfling: 3-ply
side binding: ivory
back binding: ivory
trussrod: active two-way
top position dots: 5,5 mm shell
side position dots: 2 mm black ABS
frets: 18% nickel silver
nut & saddle material: synthetic
machine head: chrome diecast
strings: D'Addario 012-053
bridge pins: black color, white core
pickguard: imported 129 black D
strap button: chrome
pickup system: Richwood EQ5, volume, treble, mid, bass, phase and tuner

€ 162.00


Muziekinstrumenten Akoestische gitaar Richwood

Boston DBL 22 B deluxe bassdrum gigbag 22

deluxe bassdrum gigbag 22", zwart-blauw, 15 mm gevoerd hardfoam

€ 58.35


Muziekinstrumenten Drumhoezen Boston

Rudolph RB 212 G contrabas 1 2

contrabas 1/2, triplex, spiritus lak, ebben toets, gamba model

Professional machineheads in brass.
Rudolph basses are known for a very good sound.

€ 1402.50


Muziekinstrumenten 1 2 contrabassen Rudolph

Riedl 340 MS tromboneharp

tromboneharp, met bekerklem, messing gelakt, grote harp

€ 37.80


Muziekinstrumenten Harpjes Riedl

SX SB2SK CAR elektrisch basgitaarpakket

elektrisch basgitaarpakket, met versterker, tas, riem, tuner en kabel, candy apple red


Mensuur : 865mm
Body : massief basswood
Nek : geselecteerd Canadees esdoorn
Trussrod : 2 way
Toets : engineered wood
Frets : nikkel
Aantal frets : 21
Positie stippen : witte inleg
Mechanieken : chroom, open gear
Topkam breedte : 41mm
Burg : chroom
Pickups : 1x single coil
1x volume, 1x toon
Slagplaat : wit/zwart/wit, 3-laags
Afwerking : glossy

€ 236.25


Muziekinstrumenten Basgitaarset SX

Boston MRC LP59JC Master Relic Series LP jack plate

LP jack plate, cream relic

This jack plate is intentionally aged to match the rest of a vintage guitar.

The intentionally aged plate is part of the relic serie parts that we carry. You can upgrade all the parts on your instrument to high quality reliced parts to fit your vintage instrument.
Aged cream

€ 33.15


Muziekinstrumenten Jack plates Boston

Corelli CO 700 M Crystal snarenset viool 4 4

snarenset viool 4/4, medium, bestaande uit CO-701-M, CO-702-M, CO-703-M en CO-704-M

met loop end E-1

€ 58.35


Muziekinstrumenten Viool snaren Corelli

Schaller 14010401 S locks strap locks

S-locks strap locks, black

Schaller proudly presents:

The new S-Locks,
S for save, S for silent and S for Schaller strap locks!
These new revolutionary S-Locks are silent. They feature an elegant Lock-Wheel, one-piece hardened steel strap buttons, aesthetic design, perfect handling and all former hiccups have been tackled!

3 pieces = 1 S-Lock - perfect!

Strap button
New and unique solid one-piece strap button in hardened steel with self-tapping wood thread. Simply screw it on with an Allen key (size 3 mm).
- 4 mm/ 5/32“ screw with self-tapping wood thread. Fits all existing strap buttons incl. Gibson for perfect replacement without adjustments on existing holes and screws,
- hardened steel and more than double thickness of the strap button guarantees maximum security against breakage,
- Including high-grade felt washers for ultimate protection of guitar's finish.

- extended thread length for holding straps of up to 6 mm thickness,
- new designed slanted locking bolt in stainless steel for permanent precision, reliable performance and wear-free finish,
- new designed pull-up ball for easy-grip lock and release.

New Lock-Wheel with unique 3-Step security function:
- Screw our lock wheel with patented self-locking thread tool-free by hand, you already protect your guitar sufficiently (the round shaping must be facing the pull-up ball!).
- Use a 2 mm or 5/64’’ Allen key or screwdriver to tighten it for maximum security.
- Use our micro cone-top screw to attach it permanently.
You will never lose your wheel again!

Finally put all parts together and just listen carefully…
Give it a shake, give it a roll and prepare to be amazed:

It is silent!
New silent feature for noiseless performance while moving and playing your instruments.
Schaller - the Original Innovators!

All S-Locks come in a new and attractive re-usable crystal box.

€ 36.65


Muziekinstrumenten Strap buttons and strap locks Schaller

La Bella VSA1252 Vapor Shield Series snarenset akoestisch

snarenset akoestisch, phosphor bronze light, 012-016-022W-031-041-052


Welcome to the next generation of extended-life strings. La Bella Vapor Shield™ strings are like no other string on the market because the surface of the string is modified during the treatment process. Coated strings are now a thing of the past.


Using a highly sophisticated Ionic Vapor Process™ developed by Acoustic Science, proprietary compounds are activated in a glow discharge electromagnetic plasma, and the surface of all strings are modified. The result is a string protected from dirt, oil, residue, and tarnishing. Most importantly, string playability and life is extended without flaking or compromising tone.

THE LA BELLA VAPOR SHIELD™ DIFFERENCE. The technology behind La Bella Vapor Shield™ is unlike any other string. The entire surface and full-length of all strings are treated with a nucleated polymer vapor material that requires hours of complex prep and processing; no spraying or dipping. The results are unmatched:

TONE. BRIGHTER than typical coated strings AND non-treated strings. Unlike traditional coated strings, Vapor Shield™ plain steel AND wound strings are treated, resulting in even tone.

FEEL. The Ionic Vapor Process™ improves the string’s surface properties, resulting in SMOOTHER plain steel and wound strings vs. both typical coated and non-treated strings.

LIFE-SPAN. Lasts 5x longer than non-treated strings.

ENDURANCE: No flaking after extended play. Impervious to grime, tarnishing and oil residue.

- Phosphor Bronze Wound & Plain Steel
- Slick mutated surface is resistant to oil and grime
- Tension: Light
- String Gauges: .012, .016, .022W, .031, .041, .052
- Made in the USA with American Wire
- Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

Dit product is per 2020-06-12 00:00:00 weer voorradig.

€ 30.29


Muziekinstrumenten Akoestische gitaarsnarensets La Bella

Wittner 272111M04 fijnstemmer sleutels voor cello

fijnstemmer sleutels voor cello, 4/4-7/8, synthetisch, diam. 14,0, taper 1:25, 4 stuks per set

€ 128.50


Muziekinstrumenten Cello fijnstem sleutels Wittner

Turkish RB HH14 Rock Beat Series 14 hihats

14" hihats, heavy

Moves a lot of air when closed. Overwhelming chick. Extremely focused & tight. Extraordinarily powerful cymbals for the experienced player.

The Rock Beat Series basically describes itself. These cymbals come in heavier weights than the other lines, in order to provide the cut & volume you’d expect from a rock model.

The Rock Beat series is the brilliant finish version of our Classic series cymbals. Their extraordinary mirror-like high polish is completely done by hand. You can hear this in their specific sound character: Bright, cutting & powerful.

€ 294.95


Muziekinstrumenten Hi hat bekkens Turkish

Pirastro P214251 Eudoxa vioolsnaar A 2

vioolsnaar A-2, thick (14), in envelop, gut/aluminium

€ 35.65


Muziekinstrumenten Viool snaren Pirastro

Hiscox LA OOO Liteflite Artist koffer voor OOO en OM model akoestische gitaar

koffer voor OOO en OM model akoestische gitaar, 4x impact resistance, deluxe beslag

Geschikt voor Martin OOO en OM gitaren

Binnenmaten :

Lengte : 109 cm
Body lengte : 56 cm
Diepte : 10,9 cm
Upper bout : 30,9 cm
Lower bout : 41,2 cm

€ 420.29


Muziekinstrumenten Koffer klassieke gitaar Hiscox

Pirastro P419261 Evah Pirazzi vioolsnaar A 2

vioolsnaar A-2, 1/4+1/8, in envelop, aluminium

€ 27.80


Muziekinstrumenten Viool snaren Pirastro

Boston VSC 57 NWH Vintage single coil pickup

single coil pickup, Alnico 5 rods, black fiber bobbin, waxed formvar wire, 6.0K neck, white

€ 36.60


Muziekinstrumenten Elektrische gitaar pickups Boston

Thomastik TH S 776 Spirocore cellosnaar D 2 1 4

cellosnaar D-2 1/4, spiral core, chrome

Flexible multiwire spiral rope core. Less inertia, longer period of musical vibration. Equally effective when playing arco or pizzicato. Highly responsive, long lasting.

€ 43.05


Muziekinstrumenten Cello snaren Thomastik

Pirastro P419231 Evah Pirazzi vioolsnaar A 2

vioolsnaar A-2, thick, in envelop, aluminium

€ 34.05


Muziekinstrumenten Viool snaren Pirastro