Caruso C 03BC RD diatonische accordeon

diatonische accordeon, 23-6 BC, rood, 3 korig, met koffer en riemen

€ 1861.50


Muziekinstrumenten Maandaanbiedingen Caruso

Thomastik THPI 01PT Peter Infeld vioolsnaar E 1 4 4

vioolsnaar E-1 4/4, platinum plated chromesteel

A revolution in tonal sound and color for the discerning musician, Peter Infeld (PI) strings produce a rich spectrum of sound colors, the perfect blend of power and elegance and a wide dynamic range. The strings deliver instant bow response as well as superior tuning ability. The soft left hand feeling brings out the best in you and your performance. Choose fromTin, Gold and the unique Platinum plated and thus very powerful E-strings, and the Aluminum or Silver wound D-strings to achieve a made-tomeasure sound for each individual instrumentand player.

€ 37.39


Muziekinstrumenten Viool snaren Thomastik

Hayman HM 33 MU Junior Series 3 delig drumstel

3-delig drumstel, metallic blauw

De Hayman HM-33 is een 3-delig drumstel. Het is een prachtig drumkitje voor beginnende kinderen van 4-7 jaar die al graag op pannen en deksels slaan en hun energie en creativiteit kwijt willen! Een ideale, betaalbare kennismaking met drummen voor de jongsten!

De HM-33 is verkrijgbaar in 3 kleuren: zwart, metallic blauw en metallic rood.

- Snarestandaard
- Bassdrum pedaal
- Bekkens
- Bekken- en tomhouder op de bassdrum
- Drumstokken
- Chrome spanranden

- Drumkruk niet inbegrepen

- 16" bass drum (11" deep)
- 10" tom (6" deep)
- 10"snare drum (5" deep)

Geschikt voor kinderen van 4 -7 jaar.

€ 156.60


Muziekinstrumenten Kinderdrumstel Hayman

Wittner 806M Maelzel metronoom

metronoom, pyramide-model, houten behuizing, zwart, mat zijde, zonder bel

€ 161.60


Muziekinstrumenten Mechanische metronoom Wittner

Pirastro P214341 Eudoxa vioolsnaar D 2

vioolsnaar D-2, medium (16 3/4), in envelop, gut/aluminium

€ 37.45


Muziekinstrumenten Viool snaren Pirastro

Gaucho GST 232 BK Stellar Series gitaarriem

gitaarriem, kunstleer, black aces design, zwart

€ 28.75


Muziekinstrumenten Standaard gitaarband Gaucho

TAD EL84CZ 2 selected power tubes

selected power tubes, pair (RT272)

The TAD EL84-CZ is the muscle man and roughneck among the EL84 models. It gives most amps an extra powerful bass response. Be careful with amps that do already have a fat bass and make sure their speaker can handle the increased bottom end as it might become too much. The EL84-Cz is the most powerful EL84 tube we have ever heard. Big tone and very dynamic. Our recommendation, if a
powerful tone is what you are looking for.

d= 22,5mm

Due to its diameter of 22.5mm, the TAD EL84-Cz does not fit into older Marshall DSL401 and UK made VOX AC15 TBX amplifiers. The only tube which fits these amps is the EL84-EI.

€ 50.49


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D'Addario K411 SM Kaplan Forza altvioolsnaar A 1

altvioolsnaar A-1, solid steel, titanium wound, short scale, medium tension

The Kaplan Forza viola set is aimed at the most discerning professional musicians. These strings offer the beautiful, rich tonal palette and the superb bowing response characteristic of the Kaplan line. The set provides clarity and warmth across registers, and versatility throughout the dynamic spectrum, allowing top-level players the control, expression, and worry-free playing experience they demand.

Sized to fit short-scale viola (body length 14-15 inches) with a playing length of 13 inches (330mm), these medium tension strings are optimized to the needs of a majority of players. Packaged in uniquely-designed sealed pouches providing unparalleled protection from the elements that cause corrosion. The Kaplan A string is designed to add power and projection in high registers, producing a bright and open sound.

- Short-scale viola (body length 14-15 inches) with a playing length of 13 inches (330mm)
- Medium tension
- Solid and stranded steel cores provide warmth, projection and allow for extreme bow weight
- Versatile string that works well for a wide variety of playing styles and instruments

All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry

€ 38.15


Muziekinstrumenten Altvioolsnaren D'Addario

Wolf KH 72 kinsteun voor viool en altviool

kinsteun voor viool en altviool, 'classic'-model, zwart metaal, nappa, gepatenteerde schroeven

€ 50.95


Muziekinstrumenten Viool kinsteun Wolf

Hayman JMDR 1207 kleine trom snaartrom

kleine trom / snaartrom, kindermodel 12 inch, 7 inch diep, rood, met riem

€ 44.79


Muziekinstrumenten Junior marching drums Hayman

Rock Tips RT 4 DT liquid callus formula

liquid callus formula, 4ml bottle, with counter display

My name is Mike and I want to introduce a new product that I've developed called Rock-Tips Liquid Callus Builder that I think will be of great benefit to people with guitar callus issues.

A little background...

I've been an acoustic guitar player for 20+ years but my fingertips have always been sensitive when they're cold even though I have decent calluses. In searching the web for a solution, I found everything from leather fingertip pads (are they serious?) to using super glue on my fingers. I tried super glue for a while but it's really unforgiving stuff and it's not made for skin. I tried various liquid bandages but they disintegrate really fast, and they're messy.

Well, long story short - I liked the concept of super glue - a thin, very strong liquid that would create a barrier between my fingertips and the strings. I just needed it to be more flexible like real skin, and non-toxic. So with the help of an adhesive manufacturer who is also a banjo player, I came up with Rock-Tips. It's got all the toughness of super glue, but it's non-toxic, much more flexible, and way easier to apply.

Here's some of the benefits of Rock-Tips

Relieves fingertip pain associated with playing a guitar, bass or other stringed instrument
Rebuilds and repairs damaged, peeling or torn fingertip calluses
Protects calluses from moisture and other damaging elements
Helps build natural guitar calluses faster by allowing you to play for longer periods of time
Long lasting and tough – a typical application will stay on the fingertips for 2-3 days of active playing, and a single 6 ml bottle contains over 300 applications of Rock-Tips
Completely transparent and unobtrusive – doesn’t impede tactile feeling of strings on the fingers
Safe and easy to use – non-toxic, quick curing formula
Useful for all levels of musicians, from beginner to professional

Please feel free to message me with any questions, and be sure to check out our web site at for more information.

Thanks again!
Mike O
Rock-Tips Liquid Callus Builder

€ 32.49


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Graphtech LQ 9110 10 TUSQ 10 pack compensated acoustic guitar saddles

10-pack compensated acoustic guitar saddles, 2.6mm thickness

TUSQ® Acoustic Compensated Martin® Style

Fits Martin® style Guitars.

saddle for Martin acoustic guitar
manufactured from TUSQ
flat bottom
consistent quality
increased harmonic content
ivory white
dimensions (L x W x H) 73.66 mm x 2.62 mm x 10.16 mm / 2 29/32" x 3/32" x 13/32"
10 pieces

Note: All Graph Tech nuts and saddles are slightly long and wide to ensure extra room to achieve a perfect fit for your guitar. This extra material can easily be removed with fine grit sandpaper.

€ 74.85


Muziekinstrumenten Bridge saddles Graphtech

Dunlop 443 R 114 Nylon Midi 1.14 mm. plectra

1.14 mm. plectra, nylon, paars, 72-pack

Nylon Midi series picks come in unique in-between gauges for the feel that is not to be expected.

€ 40.10


Muziekinstrumenten Plectrums Dunlop

Hayman PVC WH bekledingsmateriaal voor drums

bekledingsmateriaal voor drums, wit, 3x1 meter

€ 51.45


Muziekinstrumenten Drum wrapping Hayman

Thomastik TH 28 Superflexible cellosnaar G 3 4 4

cellosnaar G-3 4/4, medium, rope core, chrome

Steel rope core reduces stiffness and improves elasticity. Excellent purity of open fifths. Unsurpassed durability and tuning stability. Dependable all-around string.

€ 43.25


Muziekinstrumenten Cello snaren Thomastik

SX SJB62 BK 62 J style elektrische basgitaar

62 J-style elektrische basgitaar, 2 single coil pickups, tas, zwart

De SX VTG serie heeft veel aantrekkelijke vintage kenmerken in gunstig geprijsde gitaren en bassen.Het uiterlijk, het geluid en de bespeelbaarheid zijn zeer overtuigend. Het hout is van een betere selectie dan de SX BD serie wat hoorbaar is en wat de stabiliteit ten goede komt. Het kleurenpalet van de VTG serie is vintage correct en geeft de gitaar een klasse uitstraling. Dit is de basgitaar die bij je blijft, ook als je al een ervaren speler bent en al veel andere gitaren bezit. De beste in zijn prijssegment!


mensuurlengte: 864 mm
body : massief lindenhout
hals: Canadees esdoorn, hoogglans
truss rod : 2 way truss rod
toets: engineerd wood
toets radius: 12"
frets : nickel
aantal frets : 20
positie dots: zwart
mechanieken: vintage chroom
topkam: synthetisch been
breedte topkam: 38 mm
brug: vintage toploader chroom
snaren : D'Addario
elementen: 2 x single coils
regelaars: 2 volume, 1 toon
slagplaat: vintage mint/zwart/vintage mint, 3-ply
kleur: zwart
afwerking: hoogglans

€ 179.90


Muziekinstrumenten Basgitaar SX

Dunlop 41 R 114 Delrin 500 1.14 mm. plectra

1.14 mm. plectra, magenta, 72-pack

Delrin 500's combine the latest plastic technologies to produce a longer lasting guitar pick with excellent memory and a super-slick surface. They have a polished surface for precise, instant release.

€ 29.85


Muziekinstrumenten Plectrums Dunlop

Leonardo LVA 20160 Student series altviool set

altviool set, 16,0" (40,5cm), geheel massief, gevlamd, ebben toebehoren, incl, koffer en strijkstok

Een altviool met een goede kwaliteit sparren (spruce) bovenblad en gevlamd esdoorn zij- en achterblad. Ook de hals is van gevlamd esdoorn. Gelakt met nitrolak wat een hoge resistentie heeft tegen krassen.

Hij is uitgerust met ebben sleutels, toets, teka kinsteun en een fijnstemmer staartstuk.

Deze altviooloutfit wordt geleverd met:
- rechthoekige lichtgewicht koffer met 2 schouderriemen, een accessoirevak en 4 strijkstokhouders.
- goede kwaliteit strijkstok met een ebben slof
- hars

€ 279.15


Muziekinstrumenten Altviool Leonardo

Fender 0058678002 Genuine Replacement Part slagplaat '69 Telecaster® Thinline

slagplaat '69 Telecaster® Thinline, 3 ply, white pearl

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your Fender instrument is to replace the pickguard. This four-ply white pearloid pickguard fits the Mexico-made '69 Telecaster Thinline guitar.

Mounting hardware not included.


Four-ply white pearloid pickguard
12 mounting-screw holes
For Mexico-made ’69 Telecaster Thinline model

Dit product is voor onbekende tijd uitverkocht.

€ 41.75


Muziekinstrumenten TE vintage slagplaat Fender

Hayman GM 5 klopper voor gong

klopper voor gong, 390 mm rotan schacht, 108 x 54 mm wollen bol

€ 75.70


Muziekinstrumenten Gong mallets Hayman