Gotoh CP 10 AC Master Relic Collection control plate

control plate, TE-model, aged chrome

* Relic Series products are limited to specific models and options.
* The process creates unique textures in each individual part.
* It is possible for the texture and appearance to further develop and change depending on operating conditions and age.
* Basic specifications conform to those of the regular product.

Dit product is per 2020-07-06 00:00:00 weer voorradig.

€ 30.89


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Fender 0992057100 Genuine Replacement Part control plate

control plate, Jazz Bass®, standard 4 hole, chrome

Four-hole control plate fits most U.S.- and Mexico-made Jazz Bass® models manufactured from 1964-present.

Mounting screws included.

€ 30.50


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Boston CP JB AB control plate

control plate, Jocker bass, 9,5mm holes for inch pots, black gloss

€ 30.20


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