Super Nikco SN 500 polish

polish, 500 ml, ideal for renewing all varnishes

Super Nikco is the professional's choice when it comes to varnish cleaners. Developed for polishing pianos, it contains a very mild abrasive which gives a truly wonderful finish. Polish with a clean soft cloth in a circular motion and leave to dry until a dull sheen begins to appear, then polish off with another clean soft cloth. Do not leave to dry for too long as it will be hard and difficult to remove. Original product is available in 500ml bottles. It also works brilliantly on fibreglass or GRP finishes.

User guide
Instrument Polish.
Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
For best results, apply in a circular motion with a soft clean cloth and leave until a dull sheen begins to appear.
Then polish off with another soft clean cloth.

€ 34.89


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