Rock Tips RT 4 DT liquid callus formula

liquid callus formula, 4ml bottle, with counter display

My name is Mike and I want to introduce a new product that I've developed called Rock-Tips Liquid Callus Builder that I think will be of great benefit to people with guitar callus issues.

A little background...

I've been an acoustic guitar player for 20+ years but my fingertips have always been sensitive when they're cold even though I have decent calluses. In searching the web for a solution, I found everything from leather fingertip pads (are they serious?) to using super glue on my fingers. I tried super glue for a while but it's really unforgiving stuff and it's not made for skin. I tried various liquid bandages but they disintegrate really fast, and they're messy.

Well, long story short - I liked the concept of super glue - a thin, very strong liquid that would create a barrier between my fingertips and the strings. I just needed it to be more flexible like real skin, and non-toxic. So with the help of an adhesive manufacturer who is also a banjo player, I came up with Rock-Tips. It's got all the toughness of super glue, but it's non-toxic, much more flexible, and way easier to apply.

Here's some of the benefits of Rock-Tips

Relieves fingertip pain associated with playing a guitar, bass or other stringed instrument
Rebuilds and repairs damaged, peeling or torn fingertip calluses
Protects calluses from moisture and other damaging elements
Helps build natural guitar calluses faster by allowing you to play for longer periods of time
Long lasting and tough – a typical application will stay on the fingertips for 2-3 days of active playing, and a single 6 ml bottle contains over 300 applications of Rock-Tips
Completely transparent and unobtrusive – doesn’t impede tactile feeling of strings on the fingers
Safe and easy to use – non-toxic, quick curing formula
Useful for all levels of musicians, from beginner to professional

Please feel free to message me with any questions, and be sure to check out our web site at for more information.

Thanks again!
Mike O
Rock-Tips Liquid Callus Builder

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