CRC Kontakt Chemie GRP33 200 electrically conductive coating GRAPHIT 33

electrically conductive coating GRAPHIT 33, 200ml spray can

A dispersion of fine, pure, colloidal graphite in a specially formulated solvent mixture with an organic binder, which gives an electrically conductive coating to non-conductive media.

Will solve single coil noise! Apply to the electronics cavity/pickguard of a guitar and then connect to ground. Aplly at least two layers of coating.

The coating can be made even more electroconductive, stable and colour-fast, by simply polishing the spray film with cotton wool, a soft cloth or a buffing disc, or baking at 90°C.

€ 30.75


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CRC Kontakt Chemie FRZ75 200 freezer relic spray FREEZE 75

freezer relic spray FREEZE 75, 200ml spray can

Reduces repair times to minutes.

Thermal interruptions are a very common cause of failure in electronic equipment and are often very hard to pinpoint. Timeconsuming measurements often take up hours of technicians’ time. FREEZE 75 provides an instant solution by cooling down circuitry to -50°C. Intermittent short circuits or interruptions in condensers or resistors are quickly discovered with FREEZE 75.

- Causes an immediate reduction in temperature to -50°C.
- Makes it possible to cool individual components through selective treatment.
- Non-conducting.
- Non-flammable.
- Does not affect materials.
- No longer necessary to test and measure individual components.
- Immediately detects the problem through cold shock.

€ 26.95


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